One hell of a life
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2003-01-22 08:48:21 (UTC)

1-22-03 entry thirty four

Huh, well I finally got an answer from Rocky. I wrote him
an email the other day (I wrote like fifty billion - not
out of desperation, out of curiousity and pure impatience!)
and he wrote back saying all this crap about how sorry he
was. Well, if he really was sorry, if he really did care,
he would have written sooner than four weeks after he was

Hi Kamara.

Im sorry that i havent written to you in a long time or
given you any explanation as of why .. Yes I talked to
Lois about 2 weeks ago on msn for about 2 min and i have no
idea who patrick is . but anyways no excuses . the reason i
havent talked to you is because i started drinking alot
again so i went back to the treatment center for another 5
months and i wassent suposed to have any outside influence
or contact so that means no computer or phone. i know it
sounds like bullshit but its the truth . im sure that i
told you what it was like last time . anyways ive been out
for 4 weeks now ... im free..

I dont know what else to say . i feel like a real
dink... Im sorry and i hope you will forgive me and may be
write me something back..oh yeah i was thinking of you alot
when i was in there.

Love Rocky Jardine..

What do you think? Made up, or the truth? I guess you got to
know him to tell.

But I should quit bitching about him, I guess I'll see if
he really means it or not. God, I really sound stupid,
being all upset and pissed off at an apology. I just don't
know if it's sincere or not.

That's a good enough excuse, isn't it??

Today at Sport I was watching the guys play soccer. Lois
was sitting with me and kept making me crack up and spill
my hot chocolate all over the place. Anyway, damn, Alan has
a hot ass! He is hot hot hot. At least the hottest guy in
school, anyway. And this is just some crush, not like a
major infatuation.

Homework to do, then I'm gonna go pass out. Or maybe go on
MSN. Whatever.