An Account of Everything
2001-09-14 05:03:25 (UTC)

Today is Today

today is today.
and tomorrow will be tomorrow.
and every day is the same
but not all at the same time
and it gets a little confusing sometimes
they overlap..
and i feel like i miss out
but there really isnt anything to miss out on
its just my fabricated little happy land
i live in day to day
and try to forget
about yesturday

well i was sifting through the many diaries and journals
that this site has and i came across this qoute by a girl
named ashley and my heart strained to hear what mymind has
been saying. This reached out to me and i realized that i
was completely and utterly miserable. Mostly about past
girl/boyfriends. Summing it up in the simplest nutshell i
could come up with If I didnt hurt so damn much I'd swear I
was dead from neck to belly button. I dont think i have
anything else to give and i'm losing hope to ever finding
love and i am completely sick of hearing your young itll
come I look around and most of my friends my age have found
someone that makes them happy and that they love. well my
longest relationship has been 3 months. I've had my house
job and money stripped from me b/c of men/women. Where's my
Romeo and Juliet. That's all I want. But instead i find
myself everyday looking to the next day as another
heartache and I almost wish it wouldnt come but i doint
want to die quite yet but yet i want this shit to end I am
so confused i know noone will ever read this but if anyone
ever does i hope you can relate.