Nick's Journal
2001-09-14 04:59:56 (UTC)

Me and My Computer

First of all, as of Tuesday this week hasn't been all too
good. First I have to ponder why people are so stupid and
secondly, I have to ponder why I even ponder and don't just
go on with it. Anyhow, last night (wednesday night) my
computer was hacked into and destroyed. I had to reformat
my harddrive, and I lost everything. It's a custom made
computer and I don't know what drivers I have to install to
get it to run again. but doesn't really
bother me. i mean don't get me wrong i'd love to have a
working computer......but i mean's not important,
here i go sounding sappy again, but then again i have
nothing to complain about, besides i have 1.1 gb of mp3s
that i can't listen to because my soundcard doesn't work :0)
i can't complain about the computer when there are so
many more important things to think about. above all the
chaos and what we should or shoudn't do, i still can't
believe how beautiful the weather is.....and when i walk
around with Pink Floyd's Coming back to life blasting my
ear drums and lose myself in my thoughts....well i don't
think it could get any better. however for your
entertainment...i will bitch about four things and try to
pretend i am hilarious.

I read the instructions to my advanced learning systems
Step # 1 - Place CD #1 into CD-ROM drive.....yeah that's
just great, considering THERE IS ONLY ONE CD!
Step # 2 - Press Start, and i can picture some
dumbass pressing the start button and then running away
from his computer.....well it brightens my day

The showers here are trying my patience. I walk into the
first one on the right side still brooding over my comptuer
problems. I set down my gel and shampoo and turn on the
water. Granted I was quite caught up in my thoughts, yet I
don't believe that you should pay for your obliviousness
with a double fracture in your femur. Before I knew what
was happening my foot catches the remains of a bar of soap,
and I damn near rip myself a new asshole as I reel back and
grasp the shower curtain to keep my preciously cleansed
body from careening on the germ infested floor.

Owens...the mexican line. When I ask for two beef tacos, I
am not subtly indicating that i want one chicken taco and a
bean burrito, I want what I asked for. When I say that I
want everything but the green peppers I did not mean for
you to say "hey, so was that like green peppers and black
olives". I also do not appreciate having some guy that
looks like the hunchback of notre dame stumble in and "take
over", the preparation of my food.

Lastly, I'm sick of that dumb fuck whining about his
classes. Whining about his "problems". I mean I do feel
horrible for him I mean he's a white american male, in the
most luxurious nation in the world, going to a great
college. He lives in a room which is warm and he has a
bed. He can eat whenever he wants, and he has no real
fears. Yet he laments about everything. I feel so sorry
for him poor poor white american male.....he's so oppressed.