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2003-01-22 06:11:34 (UTC)

this could be your lucky day in hell...

blah blah blah.

sometimes i think letting go is just like giving up
sometimes all i think i wana do is die inside
all i ever think about is you and me falling apart..

i never liked everclear much.

it was a good day. i left work early cus it was boring and
we made some lunch and watched tv.

then he had to work so i made a skirt. hes got me being
all artsy and crafty or whatever. we're having fun with

school tomorrow - school days are better than work days. i
really like school this semester.

im in love with that girl at dennys. sonny. shes been our
waitress for months, since the summer i think it was..
and shes all way too cute and foreign but like, sexy-
cute. he knows i love her.

too much going on in my head right now. cant write any of
it here.