*Chi* a.k.a Chanette

Starting from Scratch
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2003-01-22 05:58:41 (UTC)

she's dead to me

so...*takes deep breath. i knew the day was coming, but
did it have to be so soon? i invested my heart into her,
and my time, and my "3 chances". but now we've hit a brick
wall. you see, dont tell me you care, when you really
dont. dont "allow me to be your girl now, but when she's
here, treat me as tho i dont exist, until she leaves
again." i told you a long time ago, "if you dont wanna be
truthful, that's fine, dont be suprised when i'm gone!"

anyway*** i started writing alot again and it's
lookin good. i'm on point with some friends about some
work in studios. *one* you know it's time! well i'm
outta here for latte! dont ask what the hell!
"...all my pride is all that i have...(pride is what you
had baby girl, me i'm what you have), you'll be needin me,
but too bad..."~ j.lo &l.l cool j