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my submissive life
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2003-01-22 05:48:34 (UTC)

My pleasure is pain

My pleasure is pain. Any time i do something that may cause me any pleasure, i must combine it with pain. The pleasure today was a long walk through the woods on Master's arm. We strolled along the paths and had wine under the trees. It was perfect. Too perfect. After a couple hours, it was time for the pain. Now, i am outside, tied naked between two trees. Master and his friends are using me as target practice, shooting my tits, stomach, ass, and thighs with pellet guns. Because i am such a fat pig, these areas give the shooters an ample targer. The ting bee-bees sting fiercely as they bite into my flesh. Everytime one hits me, i shout out "Bullseye Master!" Possibly hundreds hit me before the game is over.

My pleasure is pain. When i shower, Master attaches nipple clamps to my tits. i thank him and repeat "my pleasure is pain." When i eat, Master puts Bengay into my asshole and stuffs a painfully large dildo into my pussy. One night Master tempted me with a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. He asked me if i wanted one. Of course. He slowly fed me one. That was the pleasure, then came the pain. Master told me to spread my legs and then pulled out the electric wand. He stared deeply into my eyes as my cunt was electrocuted. i screamed in pain. When i recovered he held another chocolate-covered strawberry to my lips and asked me if i wanted another one. Knowing what would follow, i still couldn't resist. Of course, Master. He fed me half the box before i finally couldn't stand the electric wand anymore.

My pleasure is pain. i played a simple game of trivia pursuit with Master. Unfortunately, i won. i admit i felt prideful and happy to have won. That was the pleasure. The next night came the pain. Master hooked me up to his own trivia machine. i was strapped bent over a table with my arms out in front of me, just reaching computer buttons. The question appeared on the screen in front of me with several answers displayed. One question was multiple choice, if i guessed the wrong answer i was punished with a forceful swat by a large wooden paddle. The next question was true-false. If i guessed it wrong, i was punished with a stinging swish from a long bamboo cane. Master had the computer set up for hundreds of questions. A wrong multi-choice got me the paddle; a wrong true-false got me the cane. i only had 10 seconds to answer each question, failure to answer at all got me a pussy whipping with a single tail whip. One good game deserves another - Master says.