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lemon sunrise
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2001-09-14 04:16:23 (UTC)

living in the moment

the time has come to make my decisions in life, i am so, it sounds like such a scary word...
its the begining of the end as i see it now, but in another
light it is the begining...i can finally get out and be
free!!! aaaaahhhh i am so freaked out, what if its not what
i want, what if i make the wrong choices?? yet i am
intriuged by this unknown......which is a freaky thought in
itself...well its time to grow up what everyone
is telling me, but life as a child has been so good, so
much has been offered for me, the thought that as soon as i
grow up it will be gone is all too surreal.....but i guess
thats the way life is, you just gotta ride with it....
hmmm, but i do have some good advice that i probably should
take.....never have life to the fullest, and
if you find yourself regretting anything push it aside,
life is but a learning experience, and it will shape your
personality and life!!