A Journey of One
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2001-09-14 04:06:59 (UTC)

A Terrible Day.. 2 days later. 09/13/01

I know, I havent really made any entries. But 2 days ago,
Tuesday September, 11th 2001.. somthing unimaginable
happened. Somthing that will forever be imprinted into my
mind, and in my heart. 4 planes, were hijacked. 2 of which
slammed into the 2 twin World Trade Center towers.. one
crashing on the border of West Virginia, and one crashing
srtight into the Pentagon.

So may thousands have died, and it just really makes you
think.. it makes you cherish ever moment you have because in
a second, it could all be over.

I know if anyone ever reads this, they will probably think
im crazy.. but about 6-9 months ago I had this dream. I was
on a high bridge.. and I was overlooking a city. I didnt
know which one. And everything was ok, people were driving
and walking. And then I heard an explosion.. and a plane had
crashed into a building. I heard people freaking out, and a
loud speaker announced somthing and I woke up. And another
dream not to long after I had a dream that we were in las
vegas, and a plane hit a tall hotel, and crystal was on it.
(my friend)

I dont know, I just thought it was strange. I have that
strong feeling even more now, that I am supopsed to do
somthing really important to help alot of people.. but

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