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2003-01-22 05:04:05 (UTC)

January 21st....2003---Seeking God's Help --Please pray for me.

We'll, today and well, the last couple of days have been
really exciting ....however, my business partner backed out
on me but the good news is that I found a building today
that I went and looked at, and its only $33,000 as it is,
and let me tell you what, It was formerly already a church,
it has all business equipment already in there....Im
talking like $10,000 worth of stuff in there...chairs,
office equipment...tables, music equipment,
piano...classrooms...its God....its him all the way tomarrow is going to be the part that I am
really going to need God's help with for sure, so please
pray for me...Im going to check on a loan and a grant to
see what I can get....PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! For he is
good and his mercy endures forever....

and please note one more thing before I leave...if there is
anything at all that you would like to donate toward this,
please feel free to do so....P.O. Box 11633 Alexandria,
La. 71315 Rev. Myrtis Virginia Doucet

God Bless

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