Lil Ems

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2001-09-14 04:05:29 (UTC)


the following is a story i wrote for creative writing
class. the dates and basic facts are true, but this is in
no way a REAL story. so enjoy:

When his Christian father died in 1903, the 14 year old boy
was left to live with his Jewish mother. Things were
particularly hard on the boy at this time in his life; he
had been raised predominantly Christian but was now forced
to practice the Jewish faith because his mother would stand
for nothing else. A conversion of such sorts was
particularly difficult in the small, bias, Christian town
of Braunau, Austria.
The child lost many friends from this conversion and was a
generally sad teenager. Dressed in the traditional
sacramental Jewish wear of the time, the boy carried the
Torah with him everywhere by order of his mother. When the
children of the town learned of this, they mocked and
jeered at him even more than normal. He was pushed into
mud and given a black eye every day. There was nothing he
could do, for even his Christian teachers frowned upon him,
forcing him to sit in the back of the classroom simply
because of his religious “demotion”.
One day, the boy felt so tired of being taunted by the
Christians, that he viciously struck a match in the town
square. Holding up the Torah in his right hand, he
proclaimed, “This is for my mother!” and set the book
ablaze. Upon witnessing this, his mother picked up a
stick, took it to his back and beat him with it thirty-nine
times. The Christians watched on, laughing at the scene.
It seemed that no matter whom the boy sided with, he was
wrong. A great hate built up within him.
Upon the death of his mother in 1907, the boy, now a young
man, abolished his Jewish faith. He was tall and dark
haired with eyes that gleamed of hatred caused by neglect.
His soul yearned for companionship, but he could never
become close with another. The man was scarred forever.
An immature child at heart, the boy made a decision. He
figured that if no one were Jewish, then no one would be
constantly trapped within a dual scorning as he once was.
The boy devised a plan to “simply exterminate” all Jews to
satisfy his inner bully, who was always picking on the boy
for being Jewish. The boy conquered the bully by killing
6,000,000 Jews. When the bully was gone, there was nothing
left, and the boy committed suicide.
It almost makes you wonder if parents should force religion
on their child as done by Mrs. Hitler.

give credit to emma hart if placing this anywhere