taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-01-22 04:21:55 (UTC)

my drunken Stooper

I';m drunk and i don';t care......
I feel walking out of the bar becuase of my drunken state
ytou can judge me if you want, hypocrite
I will needed to escapoes the riamotrolw of my dailiy life
If you've got a problem, cofront me in my sober state
People try sand mess with the mind of a drunkj person,. but
there be a day whe3n that persomn is you.....howq wil you
respond to the hate crimes you were unable to pinpoint
shame on those who hastle the drunk kman.....
If i may quote zero down, and profound punbk band
professiing the truth.....

"some drink to forget, he drinks to remeber, when sober
he's not up to speed, he's got a different version of

rthen end