Teenage Politics
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2003-01-22 04:14:23 (UTC)

Nobody knows it

I don't get this. I have been patiently waiting for Timmy's
phonecall since last Monday. He called me 2 Sundays
ago...we talked...we had a good conversation...he had to go
after a while, he told me he'd call me sometime that week.
The week passes by, I figure he's going to go over there
and call me on the weekend since it'd be easiest. Weekend
comes and goes...no call. I know Timmy doesnt have a phone
at his house. I know he doesnt have a truck at his expense
all the time...but I know he gets it a lot. I know he's
also not the brightest person in the world ( I mean..who
WOULD think to use a payphone maybe...RIGHT!!?!!?!?)...but
still....I am feeling totally neglected after a week and 3
days of no Timmy calls. I tried calling everyone I knew in
Whitewright that hung out with Timmy...trying to see if
they'd seen him . I sent him a letter, which he claimed he
didnt get, but I KNOW HE DID cus mom found the picture that
was included in the letter inside his wallet...which he
lost in my couch. Now...either he lied to me when he was
last over there and told me he didnt get the letter...just
to make me squirm, or he got it and has been at my mom's
since..without her or my knowing it, and not calling me. On
top of that, I sent him a sweet little note via Melanie
Thursday asking for him to please call me that night cus I
had some really important news to tell him. no
call......for the next 4 days. Today, I sent a letter with
Melanie saying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me at break
or something..from like 8:45-11:10.....because I know they
would let him out of class, and I know that he has break in
between there. How hard could it be to put a couple
quarters in the payphone and call me, even if it's just for
a minute or two. Im just sitting over here wondering if he
loves me or not, because after my heart jumped when I saw
my mom's number calling my cell, once I realized it was her
and not him, she informs me that he's probably avoiding me
and I should just find another guy, and that he probably
doesnt love me. So yea.Im wigging out right now. I was just
fine until I talked to her,....a little worried...but
nothing too major, and now Im dying inside. And little does
he know...or even care for that matter...that I'm laying
beside the phone at night, praying for his call, and that
just a 5 second phone call would make me forget all of
this...or hell just a 37 cent letter....or a voice message
on my voicemail. ANYTHING. Just something to let me know he
still cares. He promised he'd be more attentive. The only
thing attentive I've seen is....well...nothing. He's called
once since that whole ordeal. I just dont get it.

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