College and Frogs
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2001-09-14 03:23:11 (UTC)

God Bless America

Okay I know it was kind of a corny title, but I couldn't
think of anything to call it.
Today was better I talked to my mom today and she said that
the standby situation daddy is under has been down graded
to system Charlie, which is still high state of alert, but
not as high as system Delta. I miss them so much and wish
I could be home. Mommy said they were going on vacation
this weekend no matter what happenes. He is leaving a
number if they need to get a hold of him. Hopefully they
remember to take my ring, and get it fixed. I would like
to have it back.
So anyway, I talked to mommy and she said that my sister is
moving back with my parents; along with her husband and
their adorable 7 month old baby. I miss Damien sooooooo
MOm told me today that Social services went to see my
sister on tuesday. They said that someone had called
social services saying that Damien was mentally
underdeveloped. This is an outright lie. Damien is one of
the smartest babies I have ever seen. Sure he isn't
crawling yet, but not all babies crawl at the same time.
He's getting there tho. If anything he is overfeed because
he is a BIG baby, but even the doctor doesn't think so.
There is no way he can be mentally underdeveloped. When I
call home on weekends to talk to my parents (and ask for
money :P (parents are good for that)) they let me talk to
him. When he hears my voice he starts squirming and
looking around the room to figure out where I am. There is
no way they could say that. They think they know who it
was, but they don't know for sure. We think it's because
of the red haired curse (if you don't know don't worry
about it). I love mine and my sister's red hair, but it
can be horredously annoying at times.
Well I got to clean my room for room checks tomorrow. I
don't think my roommate would like it if we had a $5 fine
because I Didn't get the room clean.