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2001-09-14 03:10:23 (UTC)

College is here now...wooo

Tonight I went to an in state college get together at my
school. All the...well most of the in state colleges were
there giving out info and stuff. I learned a lot about the
few colleges I want to go to. I really want to attend CSU.
They are like my major choice. It would be kick ass! LOL
I got finicail information and info about dorms. I Think I
will be ok living on campus no matter where I go for the
first year. Its like manditory to live on campus for your
freshman year. You can stay there all 4 years if you want

I have been working by butt off right now to make sure my
GPA goes up. Plus I'm definitly going to have to take the
ACT's over again. I need a bit better than 20. I think
about 23 or 25 would be a good one. I am not going to take
my SAT's cause I don't have to. Yeppers. If you stay in
state they except both, but its mainly out of state
colleges that look for the SAT scores. So I'm not even
going to take it. Lucky me! HEHE.

Well got to run. Just thought I would share that.

See ya!

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