Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-09-14 03:02:06 (UTC)


I know it's typical.. but why is it typical? Why does it
have to be such a common thing? It really sucks sometimes.
I mean, It just worries me, makes me think sometimes that
there's no hope. It's just so discouraging.. and it
shouldn't be. You hear people say "People love you for
you.. not the way you look." But, obviously those people
hvae no idea how the real world is.. and that in it.. looks
do matter. Yes, attraction is necessary.. but appearance
has nothing to do with happiness. Once you get so far, it
just becomes a minor concern. I believe that what makes a
person attractive goes far beyond that of their clothes,
hair, eyes, weight, height, or any of those minor features.
I believe that you are initially drawn to those features,
obviously, but after awhile.. you're drawn to the person,
the person they are inside. I guess people just don't
realize that until they fall in love. Then, they realize..
they were totally wrong.. and that their priorities were
just screwed up all along...

"Cute Personality" yeah.. exactly Jen. I just wish this was
a common phrase....