Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-14 02:59:42 (UTC)

Missed Nick... Sort of pissed...mostly sad =(

I was suppost to see Nick today after school ata bout 4ish.
Instead I haven't talked to him since 3pm. I called to see
if he was coming and he said that he would call me when he
does. Plus he never did and I never got a hold of him. I
have tried calling him LOTS of times... I miss him so much.
I just want to see my boyfriend!!!!! Is that too much to
fucking ask?!?!? I don't think that it is.

Well he said that we would see each other on Friday for
sure. I swear if I don't see him tomorrow I am so going to
be FUCKING PISSED! I want my boyfriend.

I mean I want to SEE HIM. Not only do I want to hold him,
kiss him, taste him, but I have all the right in the world
to just SEE him! You know?! You agree?

I guess I should probably tell you about the things of my
life and all the past stuff with Nick and I. Well for oen
thing Nick and I have gone out before. We hed been dating
for three weeks when we both agreed to end it. No fight
nothing big or ugly. It was good. We stayed friends. Hell
through out time I would run to him for help and he would
run to me for help. Plus we agreed to have a benefits
relationship as well, but he stopped that one. I had asked
him that when we started talking last friday. He said the
reason he stopped that was because he wanted more. He
wasn't able to control his own feelings. I thought I would
be the one to lose my feelings, but it turned out to be him
first. Then he told me how he has been thinking about me A
LOT lately. That he does miss US. Ncik told me that he
thought I had the most sexiest apeal he has ever known in a
girl. He said it was because I actually had a brain on my
shoulders. That I was smart, funny, creative,
understanding, caring, sweet, and sexy as hell. Plus he
would not stop going on about how sexy he thinks I am. I
was blushing like fucking crazy! =) Then he asked if I
would ever consider going back out with him. I just looked
at him and started crying. He asked me why I was crying. I
told him it was because I was SO happy. That for MONTHS I
have been thinking of him and being with him. That I missed
him SO VERY VERY MUCH! Nick hugged me tight and rubbed my
tears away then kissed me. That did it. I just lost it. I
told him how much I truely cared about him. That I die when
we stopped dating. That it killed me inside when he would
come to me with girl problems. He just hugged me tighter. I
was lost in his arms that night. He kissed me softly and
asked me if I would make his day and go back out with him.
I kissed him back saying, "I would never pass that offer
up." So thats how we got back together... strange... yes...
sweet... HELL YES.
I could never be happier though! hehe Thats why I miss him
so much right now. Just need to see him soon. I will be
fine though. No problems. =)
Thanks for listening to me bitch and confess =) Means a lot
to be able to do it.

See ya

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