The UnEven Eye
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2001-09-14 02:58:00 (UTC)

Take a Leap of a bridge.

"There's a storm outside" -father
"Does it look like i care" -me
*no it doesn't you asshole*
"We Just wan t you safe" - father
" Your point"
* there isn't none, so take your fucking shit else
"Good night"-father
* fuck you, damn whore, I have fucking friends you
know* *sighs*

Dumb people. Family. *sighs* Don't know a thing about
me. Good. Really. They don't deserve the priveledge.
Here's another conversation.

"Time for bed"-mom
* Do I give a fuck no*
" When are you going to bed"-mom
"When I feel like it" -me
"not to late"-mom
*never promised nothing you idiot, so BOO YA*

I sound like a rotten person. don't I? Bet I do. Yep.
ME rotten. DO I care . Nope. I think I will feel
better tommorow