Cosmic Rain
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2003-01-22 03:05:23 (UTC)

just more of that ramble you could say

It's smokey again today. Not as bad as the other day. I
think it's the fires out at Lysterfield and the smoke being
carried across by the breeze. I think for this summer we
can safely establish it's something to get used to. Not
that anyone wants to. I guess it's the reality of summer
and a very dry one at that. And some lightning strikes
mixed in with brainless dickheads that get some thrill out
of this sort of thing. And that's the worry. The idiots
that don't care about that people actually die, because
they wanted a rush from throwing a match into the bush. I
say throw them into the bush surrounded by a firestorm and
see how they handle that.

It's going to be a hot weekend. 37 Friday. 40 Saturday. I
don't feel silly for being weather obsessed. Because I know
partly why it is that I am. More so in the summer months. I
grew up always watching the weather. And it was a common
thing growing up to walk outside and talk to neighbours or
whoever and say "Is a bushfire day" Didn't mean there were
any fires but it was just that combination of heat and wind
and you'd feel it. I remember talking to a lady just
recently and we both said it nearly the same time as we
were commenting on the weather. And was that common
knowledge of living in a bush type area. So I always
watched the weather and if there were continuous days of
heat in a row Mum and Dad would always make sure there were
woolen blankets handy and it was always settled that the
house would be defended. And couple times it got to the
stage where the blankets ended up in the bath and a more
recent time Dad saying "Get a box together of anything you
want to keep just incase."

I found out Bryan saved 60 or so school kids on the Ash
Wednesday fires. I had no idea. And I toasted him with my
beer bottle after he told me the story. He was bus driving
up in the hills and the fire must have changed direction
and was heading towards the road and it was a either stay
put situation or drive. And Bryan made the choice to drive
without second thinking. The woman in the car behind
decided to stay put. And he said the flames were roaring up
the hill and he was pushing that bus as fast as it could go
and managed to get it out into the clearing. And the woman
sadly died. And it's the reality of it all. Of it all being
split second choices. And what compells people to do what
choice they make. And just how quickly things can happen. I
felt mixed emotions after because it was one of miracles
and sadness same time. And then you realise that really is
the way it goes with life.

So you could say all the events over the passed week have
really made me think. Have brought up memories. And have
worried me. I worry for my sister who is surrounded by bush
and is mostly home alone with my niece Mia. I worry for my
folks and Cat and Bryan. I still worry for Mel who I
haven't talked to in awhile. It's hard because I can sms as
much as I want and get no reply at all, because I'm
guessing her phone still isn't sending sms's. I don't know.
Just a simple sms in times like this I think would make
things feel a lot better. I don't think power is back on,
so know that is probably why I couldn't reach her the other
night when I rang. And I'm guessing she's not back at work
and missed my email. She's been through a bloody scary
experience that one just never hopes to ever go through
again. And I hope she's doing ok. I been thinking of
writing a letter or sending some flowers. It's hard. I'm
not used to this little contact. Such is life. And there
isn't much you can do about it. I know I really wish I
could just give her a big hug right now.

I need to get ready. Cat is coming over. She wants to spend
her Myers voucher and wants me to go with her seeing as the
shops are only just down the road from me. So I better move
my arse. Just of late I have felt like writing. When things
happen, as they do now they just make you think a lot and
your perspective on a lot of things swings and changes...

Anyway I am gonna skidaddle..

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