my life
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2003-01-22 02:55:05 (UTC)

oh well

hmm things seem to not be getting any better. i think im
just gonna leave my phone off cuz i got another call from
outside chicago today. ya know thats just a bit freaky if
you think about it. anyways today we started a new semester
and its not that bad. i have pretty easy classes except
chemistry which outta be a bitch but ill deal. the only
other draw back is that in art i dont know or talk to
anyone thats in there and most are freshman so i havent a
clue who some are. now we gots a new girl in band, she
seems really nice. it could get very interesting in our lil
group of friends:) wait im gonna be nice and id never mix
her up in peoples dumb shit especially since she just moved
here. now lets talk about what my whole point for writing
tonight was. guys are soo confusing:) wow seems weird for
me to be talkin about a guy again?? NOT theres prolly only
one person who reads this and she doesnt need to cuz shes
not in my spot cuz shes got a serious bf..blahhh. hehe just
playin sam u know your still my pal:) we bitches gots to
stick together and not conform to others.LOL yes i know im
mean but who cares i sure dont. like ive said before u
either like me for me or ya dont and well if ya dont then i
could care less and its your loss not mine. yes that may
seem a lil bitchy or whatever you wanna say but hey its the
truth. well considering i was gonna talk about this guy i
like ive decided not to. things prolly wont change from how
they are now for a while which is annoying but whatever im
used to it:/ i can like him, he can like me or someone else
wow big change there..no im not deppressed about this stuff
but it just gets freaking annoying sometimes and im just
having an off week but hey it could look up in about a week
or so..we'll just have to wait and see;)