Inkubus Sukkubus

Drowning in the Darkness...
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2003-01-22 02:25:00 (UTC)

Some questions with short answers

Have you-
01. fallen for your best friend?: No
02. made out with JUST a friend?: Yes :-( im soo sad
03. been rejected?: Yes, last year... it sucked
04. been in love?: Yep.. actually im in love right now.
05. been in lust?: Yeah... jejejejejeje
06. used someone?: Yeah, but I didn´t mean to
07. been used?: Yeah :-(
08. cheated on someone?: Yes :-$ Im embarrased...
09. been cheated on?: No... or i think not.
10. been kissed?: Yeah... I looove kisses! :-)
11. done something you regret?: Many times... *sigh*

Who was the last person-
12. you touched?: My mom
13. you
talked to? my dad
14. you hugged? my bf
15. you instant messaged? my bbf
16. you kissed? my bf
17. you yelled at? my sister.. she´s soo annoying
18. you laughed with? Sammy (my drum teacher)
19. you had a crush on? my bf!
21. who broke your heart? a sucker named Liritar

Do You-
22. color your hair? highlights
23. have tattoos? yeah.. the JRR symbol in my lower
24. piercings? yep 3
25. have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Yeah! i love him
26. floss daily? what the hell is a floss???
27. own a web cam? nope, but my sis does
28. have aol? nope.. i use msn
29. what are you wearing? black pants and black tee

What's Your Favorite-
30. car: it´s not a car, it´s a motorcycle!!! A Harley
31. place?: a friend´s bar called Dungeon
32. thing to do on a rainy day?:
Watch TV, be with my bf, listening to music, surf the net
and eat and smoke a lot.
33. ... sunny day?: The same as in rainy days
34. ... boring day?: Sleeping
35. ... good day?: Anything.. hey! it´s a good day! :-)
36. ... bad day?: Go to a concert, listen to music and..
headbanging!! Yeahhh!!!
37. friends?: VS, C-C, Lestat.
38. person?: someone who I feel comfortable around
39. movie(s)?: The Silence of the Lambs, Lord of The
Rings, Dracula, The Mists of Avalon, A Beautiful Mind.
40. current song(s)?: Terrorvision (Genitorturers)
41. color(s)?: Black, red.
42. food(s)?: pasta!, sushi!, mexican!.. gosh i love to eat
43. drink(s)?: beer, orange soda.
44. memory?: Going to the beach with my BBF, being to
a cool concert there and hanging out with really freaky
45. features of the opposite sex?: personality, eyes,
nads and butt.

46. do you do in the mornings?: sleep
47. ... af
ternoons?: siirfiing the net
48. ... evenings?: going to concerts, to a friend´s house
and drink.
49. do you like to watch on daytime tv?: Anime :-)
50. ... evening tv?: Anime
51. makes you swoon: a good book, an orgasmic
song, a concert, my bf.
52. makes the guys/girls swoon about you?: I dunno..
im a freak, I guess freaks attract other people... jeje
53. makes you happy?: listening to music playing drums,
reading, writing,
eating, drinking a beer, burping, being with my bf and
my bbf.
54. ... sad?: nostalgic memories
55. ... mad?: when somebody touches my drums
without my permission.
56. ... feel good?: a good movies, a song that rocks.. my
bf and my friends
57. would you rather be doing?: rocking hard
58. are you listening to? genitorturers
59. c
an you do anything freakish with your body: no, but a
friend of mine is very fat and he paints his bellybutton
with lipstick.. then he makes it “talk”. Jajajaja lol

Random Questions:
60. chicken or fish? Fish.. i HATE chicken
61. do you have a favorite animal? tigger
62. is ice cream the best thing in the world? No… i
don´t like sweet stuff very much.

Here's another
::nickname(s):: Arwen
::location:: Santiago, Chile
::family:: two sisters and my mom
::job:: none, i attend school
::hobbies:: playin the drums, writing, reading, watching movies,
kissing and huggin my bf
::boyfriend/girlfriend:: yeah. im soo in love.

what makes your...
::heart ache:: when my bf or my friends are mad at me
::head ache:: pop music, Craddle of Filth (yuk)
::heart beat:: music
::foot tap:: music
::head nod:: concerts, playing drums
::teeth show:: almost everything.. i love laughing out
today you're wearing...
::top:: black tee
::bottom:: black pants
::shoes:: black boots
::underwear:: black!
are you. holy:: religious yep, I don't know about holy
::colorful:: nope
::fashionable:: i dunno
::strong:: nope… i don´t exercise… i always in my
computer or playing drums..
::intelligent:: I only know i don´t know anything
::shy:: yeah :-$

::food:: pasta, mexican food and sushi
::beverage:: beer and orange soda
::ice cream:: yuk! Dont like ice cream
::tv shows:: ehh… don´t watch too much open tv. I prefer
::sleeping position:: on my side