Static and Silence
2001-09-14 02:18:55 (UTC)

Off to NYC brought with it much change. I started off
the day with just the intentions of trying to put in a good
day's work...if that is possible with my mind being where
it has been lately...on the awful tragedy of this week.

I purchased a small 2.7 " handheld color TV on Tuesday. I
wanted to have a TV with me to watch the news. My manager
was kind enough to allow us to watch the big TV all
morning. He said, "Many of you were not around for Pearl
Harbor or for JFK's assassination. Those are days that
people will always remember. Today is a day that people
will never forget. And I want you to be able to see this
day and never forget either."

So today I was wearing my headphones....listening more than
watching the TV...and working. I almost did not hear the
telephone ring....but I am glad I did. It was my friend
Tim. Tim works in the networking field as I do. He lives
in Philadelphia. He was approached by an organization in
Philadelphia that is putting together volunteers in the
networking/telecommunication industry, to travel to NYC and
start rebuilding (even if only temporarily) they network
and telecom systems that were destroyed at the World
Financial Center and other organizations that have lost
their IT systems.

Where does this all fit in for me??? Tim asked me to join
them as I have extensive telecom experience...and I am
currently a network engineer. I didn't know what to say to
him at first. I was shocked....excited, and scared at the
same time. I said yes....and here are the details.

I leave tomorrow for Philadelphia. I am driving there. I
will arrive early Saturday morning and travel to NYC on
Sunday with a group of 14 others. We will be meeting two
additional groups from other areas of the nation. We will
begin to identify needs...then we will plan an
implementation. The actual running of cable and lines will
be done by others. We are strictly there on a consulting
and planning strategy.

I want to do this to do whatever I can to make a matter how small it may be. I want to
get people's lives back to normal to show those bastards
that did this that they can never crush our freedom. I
want to be there in be amongst those that are the
most affected. I want to never ever forget what I see
there. I am scared...but I am anxious to do my small part.

You know, I have never been particularly patriotic. I was
always glad that I was an American...but I never felt the
urge to wave the flag. I do now. The one thing this thing
has done to our country is to galvanize us as a people. We
may actually be going to war. As a friend said, "and I
don't mean a Gulf War". Is there another way around
this??? Can we solve this by not going to war??? No...we
cannot. War is hell...and no one likes it....but it is a
neccessity. We will lose more people because of this. But
those people that will and have given their lives for our
freedom will do so willingly and not in vain. I hope we do
not lose more people...I really, really do with all of my

I am sorry for rambling. My emotions have been getting the
best of me as of late. I will have my laptop with me..and
if possible I will be writing online in my diary here. If
not, I will document what has happened each and every
day....then I will write here online when I return.

I will be gone for two weeks. It is getting late...and I
must be up and on the road by 8 AM. My blessing to you all.