Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-14 02:10:47 (UTC)


Hey everyone !
How are you ?! I am ok ! My parents are making me crazy
but when do they not !? But I am talking to ADAM ! HAPPY
BIRTHDAY HUNNY ! Hope it is great! and I got to see all
my friends at choir which was kickin! Cause I missed
them ! Choir is going to be so kickin' this year !!!!
hehe ! I hope I get Fleasha's old solo ! Dr. S said I
could cause my voice is so good ! :) ! That would totally
rock !!!! hehe! My song is on !!!! Yes !!! this is so
kickin' !!!!!! hehe ! Cause your everywhere to me and when
I catch my breath its you I breathe and when I close my
eyes its you I see !!!!!! YES great song ! hehe! Has
anyone been watching Spider Games ?? Cause I haven't seen
it in like forever ! Please if you have write me back and
tell me !!! Thanks a bunch ! Ok well I gotta go !
Luv ya always

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