Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-01-22 00:32:22 (UTC)

see bass?

hello all,
how is everyone today. stand up and introduce
urself. "Hi i'm billie, and i am a crack addict" "Hello
"hello, my name is nathaniel, and i to am a crack
"hello nathaniel."
"hello, my name is kurt, and i also am a crak
addict...and a baby malester...and a racist....and a
sexiest....and a norcotic....and i also like slow walks on
the beach w/ my mexican butt lover carlos."
"hello kurt...." (says group hesitantly)

ok idk y i wrote that...but yea. i am gonna start a new
thing today... SONG OF THE DAY! i will put lyrics to a song
that i feel fits today very well....or just a song i like.
sound good? ok..
well it has been awhile since i wrote about anything
normally me. so...music now. i have just remembered a
band..that believe it or not...is actually kinda close to
punk rock. green day...i think everone has forgotten about
pore old green day. when truth is..they r one of the best
all around BANDS there is. billie joe armstrong, gr8
singer/song writter, and pretty damn good at guitar. Mike
durnt...simply gr8 bass player and for the one song he wrote
(basketcase)a good song writter, and then there is trey
cool.need i say more...the guys damn name is trey cool. and
he is one of the best drummers i have heard.
now i no they aren't TRUE punk rock..but they r the
closest to it..at least that i no and that is out there.
but if u think of it, the best bands aren't out there.
cause i no when i say thrice is the best...people r like
no, blink 182 is! no..just u haven't heard enough music to
no of thrice. if u honestly think blink 182 is the best
band there is, then u don't no music. u just no that they
WERE (key word) big. now that aint saying i don't like
them. i think they r fine. i like to listen to some of
there stuff everyonce and a while. and besides..tm delonge
is one seksie mother fucker ok. but it is just about time
for them to come out w/ something new i guess. and a
message to tom..(as if he reads this) PLAY GUITAR LIKE U NO
HOW! he was fucking awsome in there early stuff. but now
his shit is kinda simple. but still he sings and
plays...and has a record deal, so mad props.
ok my hands hurt now so i am stopping, song of the day:
Green Day- Minority.

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