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2003-01-22 00:32:17 (UTC)

Just another day

Yeah, so today... was just another day. Most of the time
poeple say god this day sucked, or I had a great day, but
me... today.. normal. But latley I have noticed that all
I think about is Spring Break and Summer. Because right
now with all the stress i have been going through, that's
edzactly what i need. I have a feeling that this summer
will bring a total differnt life for me, and and this next
year will be like a big 180. Right now I don't have a
g/f, but I definatly don't want one right now, they hold
you back and make you miss oportunities. So I'm chillin
for now. As of fiends, for those of you that don't know
to well, I have alot of girl friends then I do guy
friends, so I dono... I've never had a dad here with me,
so it seems like i don't get to go out and do guy stuff
really. Don't get me wrogn i do go out and chill with my
friends, but it's always the same thing... drinking.
Although we and 2 friends decided to go to ATL last friday
for the hell of it, so we did. But never camping fishing,
boatin, stuff like that. Oh well.

Right now it seems like my mom just has to control me all
the time. She is definatly a control freak, and i can't
do anything about it. There's not much worst then a Mom
that treats you like a 12 yr old girl, so sometimes I have
to go out an do the stuff liek ATL to show her that she
doesn't have total control. But.... I am grounded for
now. Who would have thoguth if you just get up and leave
to ATL, your mom would get pissed? Weird. Well that's all
for now, talk to you tomorrow,
SONG OF TODAY : John Mayer - Why Georgia