2003-01-22 00:15:38 (UTC)

pure pleasure (by: cindy dunham)

The alarm rings and rising out of bed seems like the
toughest task,
With your eyes still closed your hand grasps the familiar
object, a running shoe.
As you begin to slip the shoes on your feet you can feel
the energy diffusing through your body,
You wonder if anyone else puts themselves through as much
torture for such pure pleasure.
Your running shoes are one of your most beloved objects, a
mere object of cushion, rubber, and cloth, but holding
within them thrills of a lifetime.
Finally you push open the door, still continuing to get
adjusted to the light.
Your mind is still thinking of the deep sleep you were
previously enjoying, but you’re already too far now.
Now its time to enjoy life.

Up at the crack of dawn treading down a lonely street,
Feeling the cool air in your lungs and the sleepiness
finally residing.
You hear the pounding of your feet on the pavement and the
rhythmic breaths of your finely tuned body.
Your mind wanders, daydreaming up incredible fantasies.
You’re the heroine, always to the rescue, always immortal.
The story is forever changing in your head, replaying over
and over,
The final product is never found, the ultimate dream,
because another one has already started and this one is
more fun.
You see the regular wooded path and a smile comes to your
face knowing what it holds inside for you.
Every turn is precise, every stretch full of speed.
Your feet barely hit the ground, jumping obstacles and
stirring life into the quiet area.
It seems that the more you run the more color soaks into
the earth and everything becomes more alive.
Little animals run through the leaves and deer stop and
You continue to twist and turn until the path turns to
gravel and then to pavement.
The neighbors are beginning to crawl out of bed and drink
their morning coffee,
But you just finished your natural dose of caffeine and you
finally run up to your door.

A quick shower and a bite to eat and you’re off to work.
Everything is fast…driving, eating, working, sleeping.
A fast mentality for a person full of dreams and not
wanting to waste a minute of life, living it to the fullest.
The day becomes a little dreary with work and then the
drive home seems too long.

But its time for the adrenaline again.

And there they are once more, the runner’s best friend,
just waiting to be put on.
Waiting for the speed and the fast intervals to be hit
But not today because it is the day before the debut.
Its time to rest up for the satisfying torture.
After five miles you come home and stretch and do a few

Another quick shower, dinner, and finally time for bed.
As you lay down your heavy head hits the pillow with relief.
But your heart pumps faster the longer you lay there.
The excitement, adrenaline, intensity, fear, fire, heart.
Its that time again….
It’s impossible to divert your attention to something
dreamlike, something drowsy; you yearn to toe the line
right at this moment.
But finally due to the long day you fall asleep...trying to
make the event arrive quicker.

You wake up and shoot out of bed because it seems you’ve
been waiting for months.
A light jog and a light meal along with light legs makes
your excitement grow.
But now its time to calm down and avert your thoughts until
you see the beautiful circular obstacle.

After a while has passed you now walk into the indoor track.
The smell, the sight, the fast times.
The energy wont stop building in your body, pouring through
your limbs, pounding on your heart.
The warm-up seems effortless and while streaching your
family arrives.
Your friends are there, your past teammates are competing
It’s already the second call…almost time to btt…btt..btt.
You shake the nerves out and do a few strides in the middle
of the oval.
It’s already time to line up, you timed it perfectly and
you’re ready to tear up the track.
You are in the third lane next to some familiar and some
non-familiar faces.
You can almost cut the intensity of the competitors with a
You see the gun rise; your toe hits the line…
The shot rings out through the gym and your legs push off
with immense strength.
The first 50, 100, 150...all going by in a blur…at the two
hundred you hear 30 seconds,
You feel the speed surge through your body and the 400 is
coming near adding 32 seconds more,
The numbers 1:02 flash through your head for a microsecond
and then your body turns into a new gear and then another,
Only 200 meters to go and you know you’re leaving the
competition in the dust.
The pain is masked by the excitement and finally the last
100 you surge with such form, precision, and ability to the
finish in 2:06.
You gasp for breath and look to see the other competitors
crossing the line.
In a few seconds you realize that you could have gone
faster, but that only makes you more satisfied.

Everyone is proud, amazed, happy because they know you
deserve it.
You showed them a touch of your ability and you’re ready to
unleash more.
Satisfied, yet hungry for more…

After all the congratulations and talking to friends you
sit down and take it all in.
And you finally realize why you get up on those early
morning and run those late nights.
Still somewhat in a runners daze, you grope around and your
hand grasps the familiar object, a running shoe.
As you begin to slip the shoes on your feet you can feel
new energy diffusing through your body,
You wonder if anyone else puts themselves through as much
torture for such pure pleasure.- by cindy dunham