D-RoCk's Memoirs
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2003-01-21 23:59:58 (UTC)

Jan. 21, 2002

Right now i am typing on rays piece of crap computer.
Just kidding its probally 10 times faster then my comptuer
that i have at home. Well i ust found out today that i
have a midterm in my statistics class this friday. Not to
sicked about that. And thanks to rays gay ass last night
i was on the phone forever & didnt even get a chance to
sleep or study. Ohh & just a helpful reminder that i have
to go to the slams lab on wedensday or i will probually
get kicked out. this journal crap totally reminds me of
ajlouny's class that i had junior & senior year. Dam i
think that i lost my journal from both years. Ahhh well,
it happens. got to work out. later


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