heaven key

2003-01-21 23:26:45 (UTC)

nothing special

well nothing special again today. just got in from work and
i really need a full time job and a man. i know that im
pretty, but im so picky that ill never have luck. ever
since arturo and i split i havent wanted to rush things,
but at the same time i do want a boyfriend. i look in
others to try to find the qualitys that he had and i think
that hirts me while trying to find a man. anyways, im
waiting for naser to get back and ill give him a try. not
too sure what my plans are for this weekend, but i do know
htat i wasnt to party it up. i had fun on friday at the
bar. im not 21 yet but less than a year to go, and i just
had steph buy me my beers . then we went to this dude ian s
house and drank there and listened to music. he was alright
looking, but nothing special. well thats all i have to say