My Life Story
2001-09-14 01:37:49 (UTC)


I'm finding that as time goes on I have less and less to
write in here. I had my audition for the fall musical
yesterday. It went pretty well. I'm not really as anxious
as I expected myself to be about finding out the parts
(mainly cause I'm not expecting to get anything) but I
guess I'll find out soon enough. Umm...we have a pep rally
at school tomorrow. I really hate those things. Then we
have a football game tomorrow night. I'm not really looking
forward to it...but i am looking forward to going to cw's
afterwards!! :) I got information from my choir director
today about the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus. I really
want to audition for it. I talked to my mom about it and
she said she'd be ok with it. She's kinda nervous about me
driving all the way up to cleveland all the time,
especially in the winter, but she said it'd be fine. Now I
just have to convince my dad. Actually, I don't know if I'd
even make it. It would be a great experience if I did
though! Well, I'm gonna go try to work my magic and
hopefully I'll be able to get my dad convinced. Later.

~Daria :)