Padded Room Memoirs
2001-09-14 01:25:54 (UTC)


Man.....I'm watching Smackdownand it's emotional. It
seems that Vince decided that they would be the first to
try to continue with life as usual. It is a good sign I
guess. It's nice to see these people out of character
giving their sympathies. I am a huge wrestling fan. It is
great to get the laughs from this.
I am still disterbed by all of this. I think that I,
even though I wasn't personally affected, I will be for a
long time. I feel for the families that were affected and
for those workers whose life are continually in danger.
Tomorrow is the National day of Remembrance. We have
changed our desktop to the American Flag and have made
several backgrounds to place on our website as a symbol of
respect. I will have that site posted here soon, but we
have been doing so much work on it that I'm not quite
pleased enough to debut it yet (I'm so critical of my own
work.) I am still glued to the television. I am mostly
still in shock and still very afraid what our retaliation
will bring.
Other that all of this, life is pretty good of me at
this time. I am sitting here in front of the puter with Bob
wrapped aroundmy neck. She (yes Silent Bob is a girl) is
our 1 year old red-tailed boa. She gives me hours of quiet
I started physical therapy yesterday. Three times a
week!!! Can't wait til I get the cast off.