The void
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2003-01-21 21:48:40 (UTC)

who's that girl?

wow...whos that girl?'s me!i look so
different tonight! i straightened my hair and tried new
make up, also mixed and matched my clothes. i look really
dark and mysterious! everyone say "oooooh!"
damn it i need soneone to go camden with on the weekend!
skyes working and no one else wants to go. i need to buy
new jeans!:( nooooo.
ahhhh marilyn manson-smells like children, such a unique
yaaaaaaaaaay evil noodle said he might be able to go to
camden with me!woohoo. will be good to meet him.
well today Andy tried to talk to me and it was SO AWKWARD!
Ben left us alone and i sat on the chair in the corner and
Andy's gone " ok?" so i said yes then he said "
erm...did u have before this? or u only just
got here?" so i said " i had sociology" then we just
chatted about what sociology involves!hahaha aww bless his
100%nylon socks!he fancies me apparently, that's why it was
so wierd!
i'm so tired, i fell asleep in philosophy.well guess i'd
better be off, need the toilet and it'll take me all of an
hour to get out of these bloody trousers!

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