listen to my silences
2003-01-21 21:43:11 (UTC)

i hate this

so this is probably my only semester here at ue. i wish i
hadn't gone home this weekend. i mean yeah it was cool
seeing my bro and sis and of course seeing brodie and
jonathon and ben. and i think if i had gone home sunday
night and come back monday night like i was planning it
would have been okay. but no i went home saturday night
and didn't come back until this morning.

so mom spent almost all weekend going off about the cost of
school here. she doesn't want me here and she doesn't seem
to care that i'm happy here. the only thing she's
concerned about is the money. i asked her if there were
any other factors and she said no. maybe i'm being selfish
but hello i thought this was my future and my concern. i
mean yeah she has concern in it but i am going to be paying
the last two years. i wish she would just...let me
be...let me try out life for once...instead of doing it for
me...i just...

i hate this.


final thought: my life is mine you didn't give it to me so
why are you trying to take it away