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2003-01-21 21:43:05 (UTC)

paper cut

i have a paper cut on my index finger and it hurts like a
ok now that i've gotten that out of my system.
driver's ed exam tomorrow....i think it'll be pretty easy,
most of what Moody teaches is just common sense anyway. but
then thursday's gonna be a beast, spanish and then math...
friday should be a little bit better, history and
chemistry, still hard but maybe a bit more fun. then monday
is english, but who knows whats gonna be on that since we
have ms lind for a teacher.

i just wanted to say some things about friends. not
anything bad, don't worry.
it just amazes me how unselfish some people are. i mean a
couple weeks ago i forgot my gym clothes, and i was
freaking out cause mr moody takes off like 8 billion points
for not dressing out. but all i have to do is mention it at
the table in the morning, and POOF i can borrow pam's, no
problem. i was like woah, somebody got born with an extra
dose of niceness. she was my saviour for the day. andi was
really thankful that we're good enough friends for her to
not even have to think about letting me borrow hey gym
clothes. and i know, you're like "gym clothes? so what, i
borrow all the time!" but it really meant a lot to me since
i am not in the habit of forgetting stuff like that.
and then today, i desperately needed a ride home since my
usual ride was otherwise occupied and my backup ride bailed
out on me. so all i have to do is walk into the chess club
room to talk to laura and jessica and POOF cory can give me
a ride home, no problem, even though he's got other things
to do he can take 5 minutes out to take me home. and i
don't even talk to him that much! i was like woah, more
people born with that extra dose of niceness. although
sometimes i think the people with extra niceness should
share with the people who come up a little short in that


i guess i could go make an attempt to start studying...

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