Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-09-14 01:03:32 (UTC)


My stupid fuckin teachers give me to much h/w. there so
stupid. i hate them!!! y would people care if i'm gothic,
is it a bad thing???? well, if people wont like me cuz of
who i am than fuck them, there not worth it. sme with guys.
if they only like my looks than there not worth it. even if
they r really hott.
The pool that i swim at is at a boys high school(i'm on
a swim team). after practice, we go to get a drink(me and
the other swimmers) and we walked pased the boys change
room, which was open. and omg, hott naked guys changin
evorywhere. ahahahahahahaha.
You know, at school evoryone was crying cuz it was so sad
to hear about the dead people and evorything.but i didn't
cry, i never do, i just cant. even at my grandpas funiral i
didn't cry, actually wasn't sad that day, i was talking to
my cousin and we were both laughing at each others jokes
and we were happy as hell. i just cant cry.

Run Dowen the stares, be carefull dont fall.
My co worker just jumped ot the window!
the screames above us are loud i know, but dont stop!
run dowen the stares, as fast as you can.
the adrenallins pounding now, my heart racing.
we cant stop the fire is catching up.
Run dowen the stares we have to make it, just think...
youre wife sleeping alone tonight. youre sone, waiting,
waiting for you to come home and help with his home work.
Run dowen the stares were almost there, just a few more
flights to go. Dont stop! Get up! I know you can get up....

This poem is dedicated to the thousands of lives that were
taken on 9/11/01