Me Venting Out
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2001-09-14 00:56:42 (UTC)

September 13th 2001 @ 8:48PM

Well I just got in from running, it's actually really nice
out right now, kinda breezy. Well besides that I had class
today at 12, my aunt took me and then my mom picked me up
at 1:55. I had 45 statistic problems, they aren't due til
tuesday but I got them out of the way tonight cuz I needed
to stop thinking about other things. Well then I got
online, and I talked to Audrey. I haven't talked to her in
a long time, it was nice to catch up with her, I'm glad her
and her mom are doing so well. I also realized that word
spreads faster then I thought. She had known about me and
Breon, she had talked to Breon, Bob and Katherine. We
talked about my feelings for him and she was actually
really cool about it, surprisingly. Well since the last
time I wrote in here, I told him what has been on my mind.
I am not trying to ruin or come between other peoples
relationships, that's not what I am going for nor is it my
thing to hurt other people in that way. I also told Stone
and Lauren. I'm glad that Lauren has always been there to
support and understand everything that I am going through.
She has been there through all my feelings and no one could
understand better then her. We haven't hung out in awhile
but I think that I am going to go over there tomorrow. I am
planning on going to Parkville Highs volleyball game so I
can see all my buds that I haven't seen in awhile but as of
now no one will go with me! Well nothing has really came
out of me opening up but I feel a lot better, and now I can
talk to my brother and my mom about it too. She was teasing
me about it today, joking around and getting my hopes up,
she's a nerd. Well who knows what happens from here at
least it's all out in the open now. Well I am gonna go sit
out front soon and write some stuff! So I will right back
sometime soon.