Lil* Black Backpack
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2001-09-14 00:08:21 (UTC)

Your new.....

Hello.... Well im sorry i havent written in this diary for
awhile but i have been pretty busy with a lot of things.
Well I did meet someone new, but i dont hink that he is
very interested in me or ne thing, but I'm not even
stressing it, there are other guys. I dont know I think
its better if i just keep my options open. I think i will
have a better chance at meeting someone who actually gives
a damn about my opinon on things. Besides I have life and
Boys arent the main things in it, me as a person, and
taking care of me is what is important, and well other
people such as my family and friends. But im not sure if
the right thing is going to be having a BF cus I did just
get out of one, and I dont think it will be right if I had
another BF so fast. I'm not one to rush into things with a
guy, i like to take time and get to know them before ne
thing serious. Well I also meet someone else, well
actually wouldnt be called meeting since i grew up with
him, but i havent seen him since i was lil, and damn he got
cute. He told his mom to invite me again. I didnt hear
that but everyone else obviously did. Well he is a yr.
younger then me, but age aint nuttin but a number, actually
to an extent. I'm gonna just sit back and see whats ahead
of me, well I'm gonna go so buh bye!!!

-luv Shelley

ps. God bless those who Died!!! @~^~