Inkubus Sukkubus

Drowning in the Darkness...
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2003-01-21 20:19:44 (UTC)

Sorrow ´s Tale continues...

This sucks, I just can´t let it out. I couldn´t write the whole story
my last post because I´m afraid him, my boyfriend (specially my
bf) or any of my friends could read it. But still i´m practically
publishing it on the internet. I guess i´m kind of a schizo... -_-U
Anywayz, I´m not scared anymore...
It all started with a nice friendship, but then we´d flirt a lot while
chatting. One day after school I picked up my stuff and headed to
my BGF´s house and while listening to Nightwish´s Angels Fall
First CD he started caressing my arm. Then I looked in his eyes
and I saw desire... I wished to kiss him but I didn´t want to
a mistake... But then he closed his eyes and came closer, and
kissed. It felt awesome, but later on the net I told him that we
shouldn´t get any love feelings involved in our "friendship with
benefits" relationship. He said he was okay with it.
Our following "meetings" at his place involved touching,
and a way more talking. He told me about his past relationships,
about his ex-girlfriend and the nasty way she used to treat him.
One day he asked me if I had tried oral sex and I told him that I
hadn´t... but that I wanted to try it with him. So the next time he
came down on me. It felt wonderful, I was in ecstasy... and he
me he loved me and showed me a cool band named Inkubus
Sukkubus, which turned to become my favourite band: that girl´s
voice really kicks ass! :-)
That time I reminded him of our promise and he said he would
try not to mix things up. Then I went on vacation with my best girl
friend and things cooled-up a bit... and the next I met a guy at a
party and falled in love. I knew that maybe I wouldn´t meet him
again, but still I told my BGF to stop the make-out stuff. He
off... he REALLY pissed off. I saw the other guy again and again..
and as time passed by he became my BF. We love eachother a
lot, but I really miss that friendship. We used to tell eachother
everything, we like the same music... I miss messing around the
city with him. He was my best friend but he is no more.
A sad ending to a beautiful story...

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