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A Place For My Head
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2001-09-14 00:03:35 (UTC)

day... no. ???

OMG, sorry for not writing in such a looooong time, i must
have forgotten, i've had so many thoughts going round my
head lately than i can barely remember a thing!
well... what have i been up to... i'm in the middle of the
process of forgetting Claudio & Ruben... well... Ruben is
easy, i already hate him now, for everything he's done to
me. but Claudio... i just can't forget about him! i have a
hope that i will forget about him soon, i hooe some one can
replace him sooner or later!
tomorrow i have a celebration at school, coz on saturday
it's independence day, and i have a party coz it's a
friend's b-day. hope everything goes just right.
OMG, i'm jinxing it all over again. just by telling some
one whom i like, i jinx it, & i've just told my cousin. i
take it back! i take it back!