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2001-09-13 22:58:45 (UTC)

Personally, I'd like to see three towers built in their place, with the middle one much taller than the other two. That way, it would look like a giant middle finger, directed straight at the fuckers who did this

Yeah I thought this title was a little catchy.. God bless
my brother who found it somewhere.. either that or came up
with it or heard it somewhere.. But anyways. My thoughts on
this is that it was terrible.. i grieve for all of those
who were lost, but isn't it time to get on with our lives?
Isn't it time that the news is only an hour long again?
isn't it time to just remember, to grieve, to start to heal
without the wound being reopened every time we turn on our
tvs? i understand the flag being half mast... and I
understand all the support and everything.. But our country
has shut down. We are being played like puppets by being
shut down like this. We need to stand up, be tall and give
everything we can to piecing things back together..

on a shorter and different note.. I don't know how to
respond to mike anymore.. I don't have words for him
because he doesn't even want to talk to me. But Monday, I
will have a few words... Where were you when I needed you.
That's it.. That's all I need to say to him right now.. And
then I might say something along the lines of, Well I
suppose that's it then. But no, I'm too good of a person to
say anything like that..

I would love you all so much more if you could stop calling
me strange..


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