The Journal of Greg Rodriguez
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2001-09-13 22:50:11 (UTC)

September 13, 2001 6:37 PM

Dear Journal,

I had actually written almost a whole entry when I got
back from North Dakota on Saturday night, but since my
house computer likes to crash when I working on something
important, it all went down the shitter. It was pretty good
too. But I'm not gonna try to emulate it. I'll just fill
you in as best I can.

Last week was the most difficult five days of my life. It
wasn't only the events, although of course they were a
major part. It was just the speed of all the things I went
through in that short amount of time. Tuesday morning I was
on a plane, Wednesday was the wake, Thursday was the
funeral, and then by Saturday I was home again. School
started again for me this Monday. It was like this horrible
flash of events that I hardly seemed to deal with at all. I
hope I'm making sense. Like I said, the entry I had
originally written kicked ass. Mad poignant and shit. But
what the hell.

I'm in much better spirits than when I last wrote. I've
accepted the loss of mom, as best I can anyway. It still
hits pretty hard every now and again, but I find the
strength to keep on truckin', just like she would've done.
Actually, this week has been crazy on a world wide scale.
On Tuesday, five commercial planes were hijacked. One
crashed in Pittsburg, and one I'm not too sure about. But
the other three...one of them crashed into the goddamn
PENTAGON! The government building! I didn't think anything
could attack that sucker. But that's not the worse
part...the last two struck at both of the Twin Towers in
Manhattan. They were destroyed. New York is currently in a
state of semi-chaos. They're estimating the death toll in
the thousands. The THOUSANDS. I couldn't believe it when it
first happened. Sean and Andrew were in my room, and all
three of us were glued to the TV screen. There was no
feeling to describe watching not one, but TWO motherfuckin'
planes crash into the two buildings that like...make up the
New York City skyline.

Everyone's acting pretty crazy. Honestly, I haven't lost
any sleep over it, which is cool with me. I'm thinking
maybe since losing Mom, I can't really fit in another
emotionally draining situation. Don't get me wrong, I feel
bad. Really bad. But there's people out here crying and
shouting about bombing the Middle East and going to war.
Somehow, none of those possibilities seem real to me.
President Bush urged America to stay calm and demonstrate
to whoever did this that we're not gonna lay down and die.
We're gonna go on with our lives. I'm doing that just fine.
I hope some of the others can do the same.

Anyhow, I'm done. Talk to you soon.