Anything But Ordinary
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2003-01-21 17:57:44 (UTC)

chickety china the chinese chicken

I got to SOC 411 and realized that I hadn't done my ANT 171
article smmary, so I skipped out of my class and went to
the library, found an article, wrote some bad notes on it,
and realized that I had to make a photocopy of the article,
but I had no money on me! So I asked random people for 25
cents so I could make a copy. Well that one Emily girl
that is Meredith's nemesis was the one who gave it to me.
I have a strong feeling she doens't even know who I am...so
I'm going to send 25 cents with Meredith and tell her it's
from the girl in the library. You know how cool that would
be if that happened to you? I think I'm being extremely
cool! But anyway, so then I had to ruch back to the apt
to get my chip card, rush to Grawn to type and print out
this paper. I wrote that freakin paper in 10 minutes! Oh
man, it's going to get a bad grade, but I suppose it's
better than turning it in late... So that was a crazy
start to the morning. And Kristen said the prof in SOC
took attendace...poop. Oh well.

So Brooke is back from her week long conference. It's kind
of hard for me to have her around so early in the morning.
Usually I have the place to myself when I get ready. She
kind of gets in the way of my morning ritual. You
know...offering sacrifices to the gods and dancing around a
makeshift fire wearing nothing but black socks and a boa...


anyway, dinner at Jeff's toinght. Should be
interesting...I find him hard to handle sometimes as well.
but he can be pretty funny. Just, well, extremely close-
minded and angry with the world...but hey, it's like hangin
out with my brother. And who can turn down a free chicken

Speaking of, I'm going to have some left over Chinese for

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