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2003-01-21 17:40:54 (UTC)

Another pathetic day....

Today isn't my day again. I just erased my whole entry
because the stupid keyboards in the library.... anyway...
I'm spazing about Mike's newest post... He wonders why I
act like this when he just brings it on with his braging
about how good he is and such.... god, sometimes I just
hate him!
Anyway, weigh in was last night. I lost .8 of a pound.
That's pretty good considering I had a bad week and I'm so
bloated right now. Oh well, next week I'll hopefully get my
5 pound star!
I had the weirdest dream last night about Nathan. I was
standing in line at some supermarket with Kelly. We were
waiting to go in the back... I don't know if it was
training or some trip of some sort, but anyway... Kelly
just points at the door and asks if that's Nathan. Of
course, I don't see him because I'm so slow... but yea. The
dream changes to me actually working with Lily (of all
people). We were putting out some produce when from
upstairs, she asks if she sees him. Well, at that point I
do actually see him and I'm like it's possible, so I go on
with what I'm doing. Then as Lily and I are downstairs
actually working, he comes upstairs, gets so bag, then
walks downstairs to go home and says goodnight to Lily but
not me.
Now, after my little talk with Lily last night, we've come
to the conclusion that it's possible that I've probably
scared him away since I don't see him anymore... I really
don't want that to be the case cause then I'll never know
this little problem with feelings... either for Mike still
or for Nathan.....
Anyway, it's 20 minutes till my only class of the day....
I'll end this now....


*just a note... since I read Kelly's entry and she has a website up,
I'll give you all the url of my website that I started to build
yesterday... there's nothing on there right now, but I'll work on
getting at least my diary entries on there today!*

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