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Emo Violence
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2001-09-13 22:19:27 (UTC)

boys are mean mean mean machines

so this boy, keith, called me a vally girl, what the heck,
vally girl, yes, i am emo, obviously, my name is a joke,
but anyway, its not my fault i cry when i drop a newly-
baked cookie, its just the way i am...... one time at this
show, i was workin the door for my pal shelly, anyone could
just come up and talk to me and i couldnt get away, so this
mean boy comes up (the kid who does punkerthanthou.com i
believe) here's the abreviated converstion....

boy: what are you some emo girl or somthin?
me: haha, no.
boy: well tell me this, do you cry when someone ELSE stubs
their toe?
me (jokingly): oh yeah, i do, you got me, i guess i am an
emo girl.
boy: oh yeah, i got you a puppy today...
me: oh yeah?
boy: but i stepped on it
me: aww.

so that was the converation, what a mean boy, haha not
really, but it was an interesting night.

so clint wants to read my journal, so im gonna go take out
some stuff, you kno how it is.

yeah babysittign was dumb, boring and tiring, not that i
did anything, i made macaroni and cheese and watched them
play with a tape measurer. ok thats all.

my mom wants to buy a flag, so thats what were going to do
tonight i guess, and we're going out to eat, ive eaten out
too much in the past week, i will surely die soon.