The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2003-01-21 16:07:40 (UTC)

Stupid Dreams

I dreamt my dad said my mom didnt want me living in the
house anymore. That I had to get my license and move out.
My mom didnt like having me around anymore cause I was to
busy with school and work to help with the house work. It
was weird and unsetteling. Dont really know what to think
of it. Also watched a movie. Even though I didnt wanna
finish watching it I did. It was weird I dont even know
why I started watching it. It starred kirsten dunst. I
knew I should have stopped watching it then and their
because she reminds me so much of trika. Just certain
camera angles and some of the pictures in the movie made me
think of her. I wanted to just shut it off but something
wouldnt let me. It was a good movie and all but I didnt
wanna watch. Oh well. I didnt sleep well last night.
With that and the whole my father telling me to move it out
its kinda hard to sleep well. Oh well. Im gonna stop