Cosmic Rain
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2003-01-21 16:02:49 (UTC)

that thing called a ramble

Ahhh it's funny. I FINALLY remembered a song. A little too always the way. I'm deleting
mp3's. Yet again. Always doing that, because I get too many
new ones in my hunger for new music. So I go through every
so often. Actually every always often and delete songs I
don't like or don't ever really listen to. Come across a
Sophie B Hawkins song that I thought..Hmmmm don't remember
that being a song name of hers. So played it and it was the
song I was always gonna, sorta, kinda give Mel, but could
never remember what it Cause had a line in it
that I always thought of when I looked into her eyes. But I
could never work out what song it was from. I'd just get
those words over in my head. And it's not Sophie B Hawkins,
it's Donna Lewis.

"You've got the most unbelieveable blue eyes I've ever

So goodlies. I now know what the song is. So I'm happy
about that. Not that it gets stuck in my head anymore, but
least I know where the hell it is from.

I'm all distracted with ideas for the Sketch Show Cat and I
want to do. We have a stack of ideas, because we have
become somewhat addicted to such shows like Smack the Pony
and the Sketch Show...So we want to do our own. It just
happens to come upon me at this hour to get some ideas.
Good ideas I think. It's just a matter of pulling it off.
Which would mean getting hold of a digital camera. Cause
that's kind of important to the whole concept of it all.

Life As A House was teary. They were right when they said
it was a little tissue movie. I fell inlove with the house.
The wood was beautiful and orgamsic. I was in awe of it.
The house, the view. Yum! I want to tear down this house
and put that one up. I'll just have to stay happy with the
view I have. Even though there is now a slight peeking of
Mount Dandy through some trees. Ever since they cleared the
blocks out the back. So that made me happy, cause I can see
the blue haze of it from the kitchen and laundry windows.
It also gave Cat and Bryan prime viewing of my toilet
window from the road, being that they sit up higher in the
bus. Fanbloodytastic that

"We know ya on the dunny, cause we can see the light on."

*carries on deleting mp3's*

Ahhh Neil Diamond - Beautiful Noise.. Wont delete that mp3.
I remember dancing with Mum to it in the loungeroom when I
was a kid. Used to be one of her favourite songs. And I
still love hearing it now. Cause it's happy. Life in a
song. Songs do that though. They instantly spark memories
of something past. I pulled out the black box record player
the other week and put on my Eddie and the Cruisers
record. I used to love that movie. So I remember having to
have the soundtrack. Pulled out my New Kids On The Block
record too. That's just damn scary. But again memories. Sue
and I would dance around the loungeroom to that one. I
think I have spent a lot of my life dancing around a

I'm realllly over this entry now. I just wanted to ramble
myself to tiredness..Head has been so busy of late. Making
it hard to sleep. But best I went. I'm done deleting. Done
writing. Done thinking. Now time to get some sleep in..