2001-09-13 21:41:33 (UTC)

potted facker

dont ask about the title- please, don't ask.

despite my lethargic-ness right now, today was a pretty
good day. best one in quite a while actually.

woke up around 8:30 (thank you jeebus) from a dream of
killing stuff with Wolfwood (hee hee pretty...), went to
school, stayed in Walter's class for the next 3.5 hours,
and got 45 million $$ in drugwars on my calculator on the
way home.
it was a good day.

in CISCO got an 85 on the test (only missed 3/20); ran some
classmates over in GTA2 and got kazaa on my computer
station ... thing. there's like nothing on there otherwise.

next hour VB. continued GTA killing spree of previous CISCO
classmates that were in VB too. took test (simple), more
GTA and challenged Mr. Walter to a game of Freecell. I'm
the *only* one who can beat him ^.^ and i'm *ahem*
undefeated ... *insert enlarged ego here*

Gothie got some more Trigun eps on her computer at school,
#12 - Diablo ; #14 - (no bloody clue) ; and #16 - (again,
no bloody clue).
Diablo didn't copy right onto my zip dicks (yes, i meant to
type it like that) and i can't get it on my computer here
(@home). *sniffle*

Oh well, i'll just watch HaCkeRs again. that's sounds like
a decent substitute for now. the only bad thing about that
movie is the out-dated 'ins'. ex: "woah lookit this! it's
got a 28.8 bps modem!!" *haaaaaaaaaaack* it's just a little
out-dated - it's still good! it's still good!
i like the clothes tho. faygo's ok too. o.O

on a closing note ... i did a reading this morning b4
leaving for the bus. said the day would be relieving me of
stress. ^.^ it did.

^.^ X