All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2003-01-21 15:47:34 (UTC)

hello houghton college

well, here i am back at college. i'm taking a lighter
course load this semester than in the past so i should do
really good....general physics 2, ethics, pentateuch,
instructional psychology, and instructional environments
for diverse learners. vacation was interesting to say the
least. i spent most of it sick and when i say sick i mean
borderline hospitalization cause of my stupid asthma. i
went to one good show on new year's day. we're talking 18
bands and 12 hours. things with darcia are through. i
tried to explain it to her but she's too naive. hmm, what
else to say about girls. there's an incredibly cute girl
that always sits alone at meals. i invited her to come sit
with us sometime. thats that.