just me...
2003-01-21 14:13:38 (UTC)

exams!!! and jessica~

well, today wasn't all that awesome. exam week just
started...and i totally bombed my english exam. oh
well... lately things haven't really been "on top of the
world" for me. everything just kinda sucks. but anyways...
jessica, i don't really tell her how much i appreciate
her, but i love her to death. that gurl is there for me
thru everything. she always puts up with me when i'm
grumpy and just snappy...believe it or not, she says it
makes her laugh when i'm grumpy! :P and i feel horrible
for this, but i've taken kathy-jessica time and spent it
with kris, and she gets upset about it, but she never ever
holds grudges, and the next day, she's the same ole happy
jessica! i love that gurl...

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