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2001-09-13 21:05:13 (UTC)


I have a poem here...I thought it was okay to call it
undergarments because it's like exposin' my panties ev'ry
time I show a poem. I know I'm not as good as my bud
gullable pawn, but it's alright...okay here goes

- Lilliana
Can I crash like the ocean?
Or stir like the sand?
Why are such questions asked on demand?
You take me for stupid
This is true cause you say,
"that girl will be nothing and nothing she'll stay"
My mind's shut like a locket
Im shot like a rocket
or bullet to socket
This is my way of life
The way things will be
I thought this was happiness
thought tears flow endlessly
People pass me, like a penny untouched
How often I wonder if Im loved very much
Sadness and loneliness are best friends thru life
comforting eachother, but succorless in strife
What will become of a life so untainted?
A life passed by, a portrait unpainted
Poets have written, prophets predicted
I sit where I sit w/ a life so afflicted
Is this all I am? Is this what I'll be?
A feeble young poetress who's seeking pity?
This maybe so, but in the end, do I care?
I'll write and I'll write
of the world so unfair.

that is my poem...if you liked it, or you thought it flat out
sucked ass...PLEASE!! let me know...Im just curious...