Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-13 21:02:52 (UTC)

Okay well

I wasnt gonna make a post today, but certain things have
happened that i feel i have to comment on

Firstly - [email protected] , i am indeed insane at
times, but here that is not the point, i am not cold or
unfeeling, i do not support there actions, i merely said if
i was in whatever country it was , if i was one of them ,
in their position , i too would be happy. I never once said
it was the right thing to do, i never said it was a good
thing that happened, i never said 'oh yay thousands of
lives have been lost, lets party' or anything like that,
indeed i myself do hate what has happened, its something
that should not have been done.

In fact, i had my reasonings wrong, but the overall
understanding of why this has happened has remained, from
the new information i have read seen heard about , this is
all about these people having a big grudge over the
territories and america and stuff controling them however
many years ago, or something like that. So anyway, more
thoughts on that as new information is received

Okay, so next thing, i am fed up of people saying this is
world war 3, firstly, its gonna take a lot more than this
for a war to happen
yes a war situation has been declared, yes the Un and Nato
have said they will support the US in this situation, but
again, theres a little more to it than that

Firstly, if we find out who did this, no country is gonna
be stupid enough to say 'oh yes, we supported all those
people, it was us who gave them the money, us who okayed
the plan, us who helped them with everything' no country
would ever be that stupid. They will just hand them over to
the US and stuff, and they can deal with them how they see
fit, and there would be no reason to bomb anywhere as you
have the people, the country had nothing to do with it, so
theres nothing to gain from it, and anything that would be
done, would be completely and utterly stupid, and would
just cause further problems

Secondly, if it is the afgans, and they admit to it and
stuff, russia will just sort them out, as they have been
itching to get back at them and regain that land for a long
time, so that'd be that sorted quickly, not bringing in the
rest of the countries

Thirdly Nato and U.N have said tehy will support the US IF
they have a country who admits to it, or is found out to
have been a big part in all this, which like i said is
clearly not gonna happen

Fourthly, indeed nostradamous did predict the third big war
would happen in the first year of the new century, and that
it'd be in the 9th month, but how can we be sure which
century, how can we be sure its this war, i mean other wars
can be considered big without going GLOBALLY. finally if
indeed this is the event predicted, doesnt anyone believe
that just because someone has seen the future, that doesnt
neccesarily mean its gonna happen, isnt there anyone out
there that believes we can have a little tiny bit of a say
in the events of our own lives, and that there isnt one
massive big plan thats playing out that a chosen few can
see and predict?

Another thought, what ever happened to people having a
little optimism, what is it with so many people now,
automatically assuming the worst as something, however big
or small, has happened.

Finally in my life, i have days of thunder on video , and i
have the game in my 16 odd year old nes, and they;re both
working great, and its reminded me exactly how good both
these things are, i mean the first racing game with an
actual story behind it , i think
Other than that its been school, and work, not that i have
a job as some people presume, i need to be 16 before i can
get one of them, unless i wanna be a paperboy, or have a
good friend or relative somewhere who would give me a job
like that, which obviously i dont

Anyways, till next time, which could be well, i dunno, i
write in here a lot, i have a lot to say, so maybe later
tonight, who knows, and who actually reads this anyway?
~ Matt