hello kitty cat
2003-01-21 10:57:26 (UTC)

my father wants to "save me"..

my father wants to "save me" from satan because he thinks
he's Jesus

my mother is dying and STILL is doing heroine AND has
multiple personalities

my grandmother is a closet binger pathological liar and
just plain senile

my grandfather is so spiteful that he doesn't speak to
anyone unless he is going to yell at them and is senile as

my uncle is a perv who is a hypochondriac, a germophobic
and a racist mother fucker who believes that I hold him
responsible for everything my father ever did to me
my little brother thinks he's a thug and tried to deal meth
and now is about to get out of bootcamp only to get sent
away to Alabama

my Yia Yia beat my mother to such an extent that my mother
relives her childhood every night in her sleep--she is the
most cruel person I've ever met and pretends to be the

my Papou stood by and watched as my Yia Yia made my Mother
drink her own urine for wetting the bed at the age of 3 and
tying her up and leaving her outside in December as she
almost froze to death, grabbing her ankles in her sleep and
dragging her throughout the house telling her what a
terrible person she was and that she was doing this because
she loves her....he watched my Yia Yia call my Mother dirty
after she was gang-raped and bleeding down her legs crying
and told her not to do anymore shit like that for
attention. My Mother still has the scars from all the shit
they did to her. And he didn't even take her to the
hospital. HE DIDN'T EVEN CARE.